Decades of both chemical and engineering experience are what allow GFS to address opportunities in highly specialized custom inorganic chemical manufacturing.  Nearly all of our products are able to be tailored to the exact specifications that our customers require.  GFS不会大量选择材料, we engineer our processes to operate consistently and produce the required quality 每一次.  We believe that vertical process integration is a critical requirement to being an integral part of a secure supply chain to our customers.  Over the years we have integrated a vast majority of the Periodic Table to our offerings, but our products have been built on the backbone of our core technologies outlined below:


  • 蒸馏
  • 结晶
  • 旋转真空干燥(2.5英尺至110英尺)
  • 托盘干燥
  • 重金属生产
  • 稀土加工
  • 定制的包装
  • 水分敏感化合物的包装
  • 反应堆容量从30加仑到2000加仑不等



  • 高氯酸 & 高纯高氯酸盐
  • 稀土化学包括铈,镧,钇和钆
  • 硝酸 & 硝酸盐
  • 盐酸 & 氯盐
  • 草酸和草酸盐化合物
  • 碘酸及相关化合物(碘酸盐、碘酸盐)
  • Heavy Metal Compounds including Mercury, Cadmium, Cobalt, Copper and Nickel
  • ACS试剂级盐和其他高纯度材料




GFS的化学物质 has built a world class reputation in the manufacture of anhydrous materials through the continuous refinement of our moisture control technologies. Our proprietary in-house drying methods have led to the development of numerous value-added anhydrous chemicals for electronics, 电池, 制药, 一般的催化, 和其他专业应用.  GFS保持着最先进的水平, 专用干舱, 位于俄亥俄州哥伦布市的制造厂. This dry room is used for handling and packaging of our highly moisture sensitive anhydrous products.  The facility features temperature and atmospheric controls to maintain a dew point under 45 oF and relative humidity of < 1 percent.  Continued process improvements have allowed us to consistently produce metric ton lots of inorganic salts with stringent specifications, including rare earth materials with < 0.1 percent moisture and  lithium salts with moisture levels < 200 parts per million.

是否需要开发量, 初步研究的材料, 需要加工精细或特殊化学品, or are ready for commercialization and full production leveraging our low moisture product offerings, GFS化工是您的化工干燥和包装合作伙伴.



通过90多年来研发和完善的专有技术, GFS has perfected our distillation process to produce high purity acids at the reagent grade, 十亿分之一, 和万亿分之一的纯度. GFS has developed a line of acids for the processing and analysis of lunar samples, 到我们用于半导体应用的超高纯度酸.  This ability also allows the vertical integration of these high purity acids for the manufacture of a wide range of high purity salts, 从试剂级到99级.纯度达到999%,按散装标准. 你是否需要2.5l瓶高纯度硝酸用于ICP分析, 或者10公吨高纯度硝酸盐用于生产, GFS是完美的选择.

稀土材料, inorganic fine chemicals, rare earth minerals, rare earth metals


GFS的化学物质 has been manufacturing high purity rare earth salts and solutions at our manufacturing campus in Columbus, 哦,从1950年代开始. 我们数十年的稀土原材料采购经验, 再加上我们的制造专业知识, 使我们成为任何稀土供应链的宝贵补充. 你是否在寻找50克的材料用于R&D试验, 或在生产过程中使用的吨批量尺寸, 十大网赌平台有丰富的经验和灵活性来满足您的需求.



GFS’ foundation in core chemistries that include Rare Earth compounds, Perchlorates, Nitrates etc. provides an amazingly wide offering of products to fit most any application that requires an oxidizing agent.  GFS建立在高氯酸之上, and remains the one of the largest producers of high purity 高氯酸 in the world.  Our expertise in the production and safe handling of strong oxidizers makes GFS a valuable partner to our customers who realize the importance of process safety and proven chemistry. 

除了GFS的氧化专业知识, our strength in moisture sensitive salts and high purity compounds makes GFS a perfect source for materials used in catalysis.  反应率对我们的客户至关重要, and GFS offers numerous rare earth and transition metal compounds that serve as versatile catalysts in applications ranging from polymer production to downstream support of API’s in Pharmaceutical applications. 

GFS also has several cross functional technical publications to address the use of these types of materials: “The Practical Use of Anhydrous Lithium and Magnesium Perchlorate in Organic Synthesis” and the second edition of “高氯酸 and Perchlorates” are just two examples of our books and monographs.



早期的时候, GFS的化学物质 focused on the manufacture and sale of perchloric acid and a variety of perchlorate salts. 90年后, perchlorate chemistry is still the backbone of the Inorganic Manufacturing Division at GFS的化学物质. 我们是世界上最大的高氯酸制造商之一. 我们在制造高氯酸方面的专业知识, coupled with our diverse drying technologies and dry room packaging capabilities, 这也使我们成为十大正规网赌平台的完美来源. 我们提供无水高氯酸镁, 高氯酸钠, 高氯酸锂, and a variety of other anhydrous perchlorates from across the periodic table. 这些盐在各种各样的应用中发现了用途, including the use of magnesium perchlorate as a desiccant in instrumental analysis and 高氯酸锂 being used as an electrolyte in 电池 applications.

If you do not find the moisture levels that you require in our standard offerings, we are always open to manufacturing material guaranteed to meet our customers’ custom and confidential specifications for moisture content. 无论你的要求是单瓶还是40英尺的桶, GFS已经满足了您对高氯酸和高氯酸盐的需求.



Known for our high purity acid distillation capabilities since our acid was chosen by NASA for use in the analysis of lunar samples in the 1960s, GFS has vertically integrated these capabilities into the manufacture of high purity inorganic salts. 这种垂直整合, 再加上我们广泛的痕量金属分析能力, 包括AA, ICP-OES, 和ICP-MS仪器, make us the perfect choice for your low trace metal grade chemical needs. 我们可以提供从99.9% to 99.999%的微量金属以纯度为基础,在某些情况下甚至超过纯度. 有一个自定义的微量金属规格列表? Let GFS manufacture a custom and confidential item for you that will meet your exact requirements, 每一次.