Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

我们收集了以下常见问题解答,试图帮助您找到常见问题的答案. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please do contact us at 877-534-0795 or via email.

Product/Manufacturing Questions:


Q: Can GFS manufacture high-purity materials in bulk?
A: Yes; for example, GFS通常可以生产成吨的碳酸锂,其光谱(金属基)纯度接近99.999%

Q: Does GFS supply anhydrous or custom-dried compounds?
A: We have the capability of drying ton lots of many inorganic salts, and also supply dry salts of many organic acids. Examples include lithium perchlorate (for battery electrolytes), cerous chloride (catalyst/initiator), and mono-potassium citrate.

Q: Can GFS supply materials in container loads?
A: Yes. GFS manufactures ton quantities of many products; some examples are perchloric acid and perchlorate salts; rare earth chemicals and formulations, especially Cerium (IV) salts and solutions; and lithium compounds. 

Q: Are all these chemicals made in one location?
A: There are two GFS plant sites and it has many manufacturing units. All specialty organic chemicals are made in a 14,000 sq. Ft设施致力于生产和分析各种有机化学品. Inorganic specialties are manufactured in several other dedicated buildings. GFS Analytical materials are manufactured at a different site.

Q: What are the core manufacturing capabilities of GFS?
A: The company has three primary business segments:

  1. Reagents for analysis, laboratory research, and development
  2. 用于化工过程工业的散装和特种无机盐和解决方案
  3. Bulk and specialty organic intermediates for research and process development

Q: What about bulk chemical manufacturing for production use?
批量生产须遵守TSCA第8(b)条规定的EPA库存指南. 生产TSCA中未列出的材料需要提交生产前通知. 买方有责任确保从GFS购买的任何产品在TSCA下的使用获得批准,并在需要生产前通知的情况下通知GFS.

Q: Does GFS make custom products? 
A: We are always open to talking with companies about making custom products. Please call us at 877-534-0795 to speak with our head chemist.


Shipping Concerns: 


Q: My products have not arrived yet. When will they be delivered?

Q: Where can I get an MSDS sheet for products I have ordered?
A: Please contact our customer service department at 877-534-0795

问:有人告诉我,从GFS装运一些危险物品可能会多花一些钱. Is this true?
A: We have found that in shipping hazardous materials, UPS的规定与交通部的规定有很多不一致的情况. In cases such as this, we feel it is imperative to ship in compliance with the DOT regulations, and there might be a slight additional cost. Some companies may be willing to ship such material via UPS, but we are not. One typical example might be sodium hydroxide solution, a corrosive liquid. Frequently, 有其他的运输方式比UPS稍微贵一点,但可以完全符合DOT的装运. 在您的业务可能受到重大影响的情况下,我们将很乐意进一步解决这个问题.

Q: With all sorts of regulations in place, hasn't working with common carriers become a matter of routing? 
A:在把化工产品从我们的船坞运到你们那里的过程中,有各种各样的细微差别需要注意. 将材料运送到客户所在地的特定站点可能是一个挑战. 另一个困难可能是调和一些承运人选择的危险材料分类方式与DOT标准分类方式的差异.

Q: I need to return a product. How do I do this?
A: Please contact customer service at 877-534-0795 and have your order number handy.


Company FAQs:


Q: IS GFS ISO certified? What exactly does ISO 9001 certification mean? 
A: The letters refer to the International Standardization Organization. 注册到适当的ISO标识表明在制造和业务管理的关键方面符合特定的标准和实践. 这确保了正式的公司程序和协议始终适用于材料和内部过程的控制. If you would like a copy of our ISO Certificate, you can download it here.

Q: What's the best reason for me to consider GFS as a chemicals supplier? 
A: Since we are a primary manufacturer of a wide range of chemical products, it is very likely that we can provide you with a product you need, at a most competitive price, and with the personal service that only a family company can offer.

Q: Does GFS regularly add technology to its manufacturing base?
A:我们定期开发和获取新技术,以跟上客户的步伐. 我们的工程专业知识最近允许我们将Farchan实验室的乙炔和液氨化学并入我们新的有机生产操作.

Q: How does GFS sell its products?
A: The GFS catalog offers research and lab quantities of over 3000 chemicals. 批量(公斤到吨)的要求得到及时答复,并直接卖给客户. Many customers also buy GFS products conveniently through local distributors.

Q: Does GFS regularly ship its products to foreign markets? 
A: Yes, GFS是一个主要的原料药和专用试剂供应商,为世界各地市场的客户提供广泛的试剂. Our products can be purchased directly from our Ohio office, or from a number of distributors in Australia, Asia, Europe, and Canada.

Q: Is security a prominent issue at GFS?
A: Even before the events of 9/11/01, GFS was implementing new controls in all its production environments. This includes more restricted access to areas involved in chemical manufacturing, distribution, and storage. 已经提供了新的双向无线电,以改善组成工厂运作的各个建筑之间的联系. Matters of safety and security extend to GFS employees, customers, and also to the transportation agents that convey chemical products.

Q: Why do you need to know how I'm going to use the chemicals I buy?
答:一般的GFS生产操作没有获得FDA或任何其他政府机构的认证,用于生产直接用于食品的化学品, drug, or cosmetic applications. If you need chemicals for such purpose, GFS is not able to sell them to you. 许多与这些行业相关的客户确实购买了GFS产品,作为合成化学制品中的反应物或中间体, but not as additives to their consumer products.

Q: What other restrictions might affect the way I do business with GFS?
A: There could be a number of things. 我们不能将化学品出售给与公认的企业或机构无关的个人. 向居民地址运送化学品是一个问题,因为没有办法确保立即收到, which is necessary to keep the material from falling into the wrong hands. 有几种化学品由于被归类为毒品前体而在销售上受到限制. 这些和其他的限制和指导方针是为什么GFS和其他著名的化学公司需要大量的信息,以便为您建立客户帐户. This is a process that protects everybody.

Q: What about bulk chemical manufacturing for production use?
答:大批量生产受《十大正规网赌平台》第8(b)条规定的EPA库存指南的约束. 生产TSCA中未列出的材料需要提交生产前通知. 买方有责任确保从GFS购买的任何产品在TSCA下的使用获得批准,并在需要生产前通知的情况下通知GFS.

Q: Where does the issue of TSCA compliance come in? 
答:法律要求我们尽职尽责,确保GFS产品由合格的个人购买和使用. In the case of chemicals not included in the Toxic Substances Control Act inventory, it is imperative that such materials are used only for R&D purposes, 有资格的技术人员能够理解和沟通各自的危险.

Q: How big is GFS?
A: The company has about 140 employees; the production site occupies about 20 acres of land, and the corporate offices are situated on 75 acres in Powell, Ohio, a suburb north of Columbus. Over 45,000 sq. ft. of plant capacity is available.

Q: Who owns GFS? Is it a division of a large company?

Q: Where is GFS located?
A: Our manufacturing plant has been at the same location in Columbus, Ohio, USA since the company was founded in 1928.

Q: What do the letters GFS stand for?
A: They are the initials of our founder, Professor G. Frederick Smith, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Illinois.


Purchasing, Billing, and Buying Online:


Q: If there is an error on my invoice, how do I take care of this?

Q: Can I buy with a credit card or Purchase Order (PO)?
A: Yes, you can. If you order online, you can pay by credit card or enter a PO number. You can do the same if your order by phone (toll-free 877-534-0795)

Q: How do I purchase online?
A: Sign in to your account and then place the items in your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout. 完成公司和信用卡/订单信息,并选择您的船到地点.  Then submit your order. If you do not have an account, 您将被要求填写一份化学品采购表格,我们的客户服务部门将对该表格进行审核. You will only be required to complete this form one time. If you are purchasing a DEA restricted item then you will complete a DEA form.  您还可以查看您的订单历史,如果您是注册用户,您可以跟踪您的订单.